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Glitter Bomb Letter

Glitter Bomb Letter
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Model: Glitter Bomb Letter
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GLITTER BOMBS Made in Canada. We will ship your Glitter Bomb to Canada or the U.S.A. with free postage! These Glitter Bombs are ANONYMOUS! HARMLESS!  ANNOYING AND CURRENTLY VERY TRENDY

Do you want to add a little humour by annoying a loved one, get revenge on a bully, play a trick on a friend, boyfriend or EX lover? Send a birthday surprise or BOMB YOUR BOSS!  Act now to GLITTER BOMB them!


BOMB YOUR BOSS for not giving you a raise or that day off you requested, sending them a note filled with glitter in the mail is the way to do it!!!

With your payment send us the name of the reciever of your glitter Bomb with their mailing address and add a note that you filled out in the COMMENT section of your order with up to 60 words and the GLITTER BOMB letter will be sent within 48 hours of us receiving the payment.

The GLITTER BOMB will include the note you send telling the person exactly why they're receiving this special GLITTER BOMB.  They will never know who sent it to them unless you include that in your Comment section with the letter you composed personally. REMEMBER TO Fill in the  SHIPPING ADDRESS for where the Glitter Bomb Surprise is going.

We do not send a copy of the invoice or provide any information as to where the GLITTER BOMB came from so it is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. 


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