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Colorini Temporary Paint

Colorini Temporary  Paint


Colorini colors are the best and safest way to make flat black perfect temporary tattoos or full colored tattoos that last 4 - 21 days. You may work with a variety of Colorini colors to create unique tattoos either with or without glitter. With Colorini colors you can create a very elegant and professional looking tattoo! The edge of the decoration will be sharp and the combination of glitter and Colorini will add a unified dark or light background. This product can be used by itself as well for that look of a real tattoo without the pain or permanency of the real thing. The Colorini has many qualities that allow a body painting artist a vast range of painting effects. Some colors are opaque condensed and some are transparent. Play around with the colors to discover their unique qualities. All colors are Alcohol based. Some colors will separate when not in use. To get the best application shake the product well before each use. Some colors are condensed and we would recommend mixing with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts Colorini.Each container has it's own brush similar to a bottle of nail polish. They are very easy to work with.The tattoo can be removed with rubbing alcohol but will also fade away within 4-14 days if left.

Note: This product may stain clothing and fabrics.

Not suitable for under 3 years of age, sensitive skin / areas and not advised for use above the shoulder.

Developed using FDA approved ingredients.